Danville Sees Huge 85.7-Percent Increase in Pending Sales in January, 2012

While there was no change in the total number of homes for sale in Danville, there was a 9.7-percent increase in Danville listings compared to 1 year ago. January’s total of 113 listings, however, is still a long ways away from the 15-month high of 158 that occurred in May, 2011. In way of comparison, […]

Danville December, 2011 Home Sales Up 100 Percent Versus last Year

While there were 8.4 percent fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis Indiana in December versus the previous month the market in Danville Indiana held steady at 113 listings during this same period. But compared to last December’s total of 102 this represents a 10.8-percent increase in the number of Danville homes for sale. View the […]

Danville November, 2011 Homes Sales Up 63.6 Percent Compared to Last Year

While the Indianapolis real estate market saw a 4.1 percent drop in total listings the difference in Danville Indiana was even greater as there were 5.8 percent fewer homes on the market in November compared to the previous month, or 113 versus 120 respectively. Compared to last November this is a more attenuated 2.6-percent decrease. […]

Danville Real Estate Market Not So Hot in June, 2010

The Danville real estate market didn’t look so hot in June, 2010 as evidenced by the 3 fundamental indicators of total sales, total pending sales and total homes for sale. Starting with pending sales, there was a 46.7-perent drop, from 15 in May to just 8 in June. Relative to June of 2009 this represents […]

Danville Homes Spend Average 110 Days on Market in May, 2010

There are two things that really stand out in the above graph: pending sales and close sales, both of which are interrelated. Starting with pending sales, there was a 59.1-percent drop from 22 the previous month to just 9 in May. Compared to May of 2009 this was a 25-percent drop. This significant drop translated […]

Danville Pending Sales Soar in April, 2010

No need to hit the ‘panic’ button just because the total number of homes sold in Danville, Indiana dropped 36.4 percent. That’s because pending sales soared  an incredible 177.8 percent, from 9 the previous month to 25 in April, 2010.  This stat is also up 25 percent compare to April of 2009. In further good […]

Danville Homes Spend Average of 119 Days on Market in March, 2010

The total number of homes sold in Danville, Indiana rose 33.3 percent in March, going from a 15-month low of just 6 sales in February to 8 sales in March, 2010. While this is down 20 percent from March of 2009 it is still movement in a positive direction. While this is proof that the […]

Danville Real Estate Report

The city of Danville, Indiana didn’t fare as well as other cities in Central Indiana as the total number of homes sold dropped from 9 in January to just 6 in February. This is almost identical to the figure of 7 homes sold in February of 2009.  The decline in the total sold, however, was […]

Danville Real Estate Condition July, 2009

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Located just west of Indianapolis is the historic town of Danville. With the Indianapolis real estate market moving westward recently to the nearby towns of Avon and Plainfield, the Danville real estate market has reason to be excited as this growth inevitably moves further in its direction. Danville homes have retained their charm throughout Indiana’s […]