Danville Real Estate Condition July, 2009

Real Estate Report by m.s.Woods Real Estate, LLC. –  Located just west of Indianapolis is the historic town of Danville. With the Indianapolis real estate market moving westward recently to the nearby towns of Avon and Plainfield, the Danville real estate market has reason to be excited as this growth inevitably moves further in its direction. Danville homes have retained their charm throughout Indiana’s history and still draw people to such well-established and popular local businesses like Beasley’s Orchard. How do Danville homes compete against the rest of the Indianapolis homes for sale and other home sales across our state?

The Indiana Association of REALTORS® was also curious about this question, and about how the rest of the Indiana counties were doing in terms of home sales. They conducted research of 98% of Indiana’s counties (posted at Indiana Is Home) to discover that the sale of homes is still slipping but at a slightly lower rate than previously, which is a good sign that our United States economy may be looking up. In comparison to the rest of Hendricks County, Danville only fared slightly worse. For Hendricks County, the number of homes sales was about double the state average at a 13% loss from July, 2008 (207 homes sold) to July, 2009 (180 homes sold). The average price for homes in Hendricks county stayed fairly steady, dropping only 2.8% for the same comparison, from $144,000 to $139,945.

Danville homes saw a decrease of 16% when comparing the two July months, selling nineteen homes vs. sixteen homes a year later. At this time, there are about 70 Danville homes for sale ranging from $70,000 to $675,000. Statistics tell us right now that about 15% of the homes currently on the market are likely to locate a buyer.

With approximately one out of seven homes selling in the current climate, you may feel your chances are fairly good you will find a buyer for your home, if you decide to list it with a Danville REALTOR®. You want to make sure your home has the best chance to stand out against its competition so following are some tips to make your home even more show-ready:

Consider a fresh coat of paint. Both inside and out, one of the easiest and least expensive ways you can spruce up your surroundings is a fresh coat of paint. Pick a neutral color and remember to paint the trim as well. If you are looking for a similar project, also remove dated wallpaper as the task of having to do this themselves can be a turn off to buyers.

Clean the carpets. Either rent a rug cleaner or have your carpets professionally cleaned. Seeing rug stains is a real turn off to potential buyers, not only because it will require work for them to move in but it also gives off a feeling that perhaps the whole house is dirty. Similarly, give you hardwoods a buff and shine.

Sweat the small stuff now. Wander around your house and look for minor repairs such as nicks on your walls, broken fixtures and closet rods. Think about anything you can fix now that will make the life of your buyer easier when they move in. Knowing that your house creates the least amount of work for them may be what pushes them to buy your house over another.

Today’s real estate market is not an easy place to sell a home but it certainly isn’t impossible. Danville has a lot to offer and will appeal to many new residents to Indianapolis. Talk to your Danville REALTOR® about what will help you house stand out against the competition.