ArtsGo: An Art Lover’s Play Day


ArtGoCalling all art lovers! You don’t want to miss this event next year.  Have you ever heard of the ArtsGo Festival? ArtsGo is an annual event that pays tribute to all Hendricks County artists. It’s a unique experience that takes can be called “An art lover’s scavenger hunt.” ArtsGo is an annual event sponsored by the Hendricks County Arts Council in order to promote tourism and recognition for local artists.

Anyone can participate in this free event. Although this year’s ArtsGo event started on May 10, participants were encouraged to get a sneak peak of the county’s art on display and mingle with the artists at the ArtsGo! Champagne & Art preview party on May 9th at 6pm . The preview party was located at The Gallery located at 51 S. Washington Street in Danville. Tickets to the preview party were $10 per person or $15 per couple.


The best way to participate in the ArtsGo event on May 10th, if you didn’t have a chance to go to the preview party, was to download the map and flyer from the Hendricks County Arts Council website. The ArtsGo event started at 10am throughout the county and lasted until 5pm. Participants could start anywhere in the country. Brownsburg, Avon, Danville, Plainfield, Clayton and the Cambry area of Indianapolis all had a wide selection of artists who shared their art with the public. Once you chose which location you wanted to start with you could map out your entire day. Local shops and restaurants opened their doors to take part in the celebrations as well. Tourists could sample local food and culture while admiring the art on the tour.


As you travel down the roads and take in the beauty of the county it wasn’t hard to forget where you needed to be. The Hendricks County Arts Council made it easy for everyone to stay on track and find the local artists on display. As you travel down the roads there were signs with arrows guiding your way to where you needed to be. Once you arrived at a tour stop there was a sign telling you that you had arrived at a local ArtsGo tour stop. Armed with a map and well laid out signs the ArtsGo Tour is a fun filled adventure.

The fun didn’t stop at the end of the tour. Tourists at the of the day were invited to gather at the Avon Town Hall & Park for a free concert from 5-8pm with Whitney Erin and Buffalo Creek.