Danville Business: The Heart of Downtown

Danville, Indiana is the county seat of Hendricks County, a county just to the west of Indianapolis that is rapidly growing and developing. As a result, Danville business is also exploding, thanks to an upsurge of activity from the enormous Indianapolis business sector. The town’s proximity to the Indianapolis International Airport and all the tourist drawing Indianapolis attractions have led to a boom in Danville’s economy.

At the heart of all this development is downtown Danville. The downtown area of this small satellite community is the hub for Danville’s economy, featuring shops and stores of every variety, most of them owned by citizens of the community, not large corporations. Locally owned Danville restaurants like Wiggles, The Mayberry Cafe, and Cross’s Corner are all located downtown, so they’re perfect places to sate your hunger after an afternoon of Danville attractions. Downtown Danville is also home to some other great Danville businesses, like Carla’s Creations and Gifts, The Locker Room, and Game Swap Inc. With all these different places to spend money, it’s no wonder downtown Danville is the lynchpin in this town’s business.

However, Danville business wouldn’t be the same with the Danville Chamber of Commerce. The chamber seeks to create a unified league of area businesses for the greater good of the entire community, and they’ve done an excellent job of achieving that goal. Currently, the Danville Chamber of Commerce has 171 registered members, including hospices, design studios, the Danville education system, engineering firms, bowling alleys, and Danville media outlets: pretty good for such a small town.

Not only interested in Danville business, the Danville Chamber of Commerce wants to unite the whole Central Indiana region, including several other satellite cities to Indianapolis. Among its registered members, the Danville Chamber of Commerce includes Better Business Bureaus and other Chambers of Commerce from towns like Avon, Brownsburg, and even Indianapolis.

To promote the Danville community, the Chamber of Commerce hosts a Danville event calendar on its website and links to Danville news articles and other Danville businesses. In short, the Danville Chamber of Commerce gives businesses everything they need to make their way in this small satellite community. The whole town is united behind its growing economy; it looks as though Danville business will be in the black for a very long time.

Danville Chamber of Commerce
17 W Marion St
P.O. Box 273
Danville, IN 46122
Fax: 317.745.0682