Danville Children: Having a Blast in Indiana

Danville, Indiana is a small town to the west of state capital Indianapolis. Not quite a hot spot for dazzling Indianapolis nightlife, the Indiana city is more well known as a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Indianapolis and the surrounding environment. Downtown Danville is a major draw for history buffs, and most Danville events are centered around family and the town’s rich past.

As such, Danville children benefit from most Danville attractions. It’s a great place to raise children; the Danville education system is top notch, the community is small and cozy, and Danville parks are everywhere for kids to run around in. Perhaps one of the coolest amenities provided by the Danville Parks and Recreation Department is the Gill Family Aquatic Center. This wild waterpark, though not quite on the scale of Splash Island in Plainfield, is the perfect remedy for those hot, humidity soaked days in the summer. Featuring two 125+ foot water slides, a zero entry pool, a relaxing vortex, and other aquatic adventures, the Gill Family Aquatic Center is the place to go in the summer for Danville children and adults alike.

Danville is also home to Ellis Park, a large green space within the town limits that contains tennis courts, a train station, three playground areas with slides, jungle gyms, and monkey bars, volleyball courts, and more. A visit to Ellis Park is a fun Danville thing to do for kids who are excited about Danville sports; they can run around, hit a ball, or shoot hoops to their hearts’ content.

Ellis Park also plays host to a number of events for Danville children: during Halloween time, children can sign up for a jack o’ lantern carving workshop, go trick or treating in the park, or pay a visit to the Haunted Train Station; and the Daddy Daughter Fall Ball and the town’s unique Turkey Toss, a competition to see who can fling a frozen turkey the farthest by any means necessary, are both held in November.

One of the biggest holiday events for children in Danville is also held in Ellis Park: the Winterland Light Show. Danville children delight in the millions of lights strung up throughout Ellis Park, and thousands of families come from miles around to experience the cheer and holiday magic of the Winterland Light Show. A visit from Santa and carriage rides top the list of the jolly goings on for Danville children at this Christmas celebration. The Winterland Light Show, a month long event, has something for everyone and is the crown jewel of holiday events in Central Indiana.

But the Danville Parks and Recreation Department isn’t the only purveyor of things to do for Danville children. The Danville Public Library is home to a unique Youth Services Department that can help Danville kids experience the joy of reading. The library has several ongoing events geared specifically toward children, including Toddler Tales, a storytelling session for little ones, Fall Preschool Storytime, and Cuddlebugs, a storytime, singing, and craft session. The Youth Services Department website also includes helpful links for students struggling with their homework, and the Library provides “Sick Kits” to entertain kids who are forced to stay home from school because of an illness.

It’s obvious that this small Hoosier burg has a heart for kids. Danville children can enjoy a variety of programs just for their enjoyment. During the summer, they can speed down a water slide at the Gill Family Aquatic Center, during the fall they can toss a turkey or carve a jack o’ lantern, during the winter they can ogle all the lights and festive cheer at the Winterland Light Show, and all year round they can hear great stories and read some cool books at the Danville Public Library. Children are a number one priority in Danville, and this family oriented community does all it can for its little ones.

Gill Family Aquatic Center and Ellis Park
600 E Main St
Danville, IN 46122

Danville Public Library
101 S Indiana St
Danville, IN 46122
Fax: 317.745.0756

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