Danville High School: Comprehensive Curriculum, Creative Involvement

Danville High School in Danville, Indiana, part of the Indianapolis metro area, serves its students through a comprehensive curriculum with lots of choices. This Hoosier high school is a valued part of the Indianapolis education system. Its reputation for excellence and community extends well beyond the city’s limits to Indianapolis and beyond.

Danville High School is committed to producing life long learners. It students graduate with a multitude of skills. They are able to read critically and respondĀ  analytically. This lends itself readily to the ability to communicate effectively through speech and writing. Students understand the cause and effect of natural phenomena. In addition, they gain problem solving skills inĀ  mathematics that allows them to solve problems in the real world.

Danville High School choir singing Stand By Me in Danville, Indiana


Students of this Danville education institution graduate feeling grounded in Indianapolis history, the history of the United States, and the world, making them global citizens. They understand what it means to be a citizen in the United States and respond creatively to each other. This leads to an ability to work cooperatively. Students with a diploma from Danville High School understand the need for new knowledge and seek out that knowledge throughout their lives.

Video highlights of a Danville High School basketball game


Danville High School mascot in Danville, IndianaIn addition, Danville High School students have a wide variety of extra curricular activities available to them. They can follow their personal interests and graduate as well rounded individuals ready to take on the world. From student government to Danville arts to service and academic organizations, the activities offered at Danville High School are a veritable bouquet of choices.

The school was founded in 1870, just twenty five miles west of downtown Indianapolis. From its humble beginnings, the faculty and staff of Danville High School have grown to include over 200 men and women that support and nurture 1600 students, grades nine through twelve. Everyone is provided with equal opportunity, whether they are gifted students in AP classes or students with language disadvantages in English as a Second Language classes.

Home video of Danville High School’s Ultimate Frisbee club in Danville, Indiana


The reputation that Danville High School holds is unparalleled. Regardless of their interests, students can find ways to get involved in their own niches. Feeling part of a community helps to produce productive members of a society committed to making a brighter future for all of us.

Danville High School
100 Warrior Way
Danville, IN 46122