Danville Health: Get Well, Get Fit, Get Happy

Like any other population in the United States, Danville, Indiana‘s residents have to keep healthy and keep fit. Though the vast supply of Indianapolis health facilities is only a short drive away, Danville’s sick and out of shape like to take advantage of the Danville health facilities close to home. Luckily for them, this small satellite to Indianapolis has several places designed to keep their patrons healthy, slim, and fit.

If you fall deathly ill in Danville, Indiana, there’s only one place to go: the Danville Campus of Hendricks Regional Health. This state of the art facility is home to some of the most accomplished physicians and diagnosticians in Central Indiana, and they do an excellent job of keeping the city’s residents thriving. With an air ambulance and a 24 hour ER, Hendricks Regional Health Danville is prepared for any split second injury. For longer term issues, the hospital also has modern facilities for cancer, Danville children (pediatrics), radiology, cardiology, surgery, and more. As if that weren’t enough, Hendricks Regional Health Danville is also constructing a brand new, 205,000 foot expansion on the north end of the hospital to further meet the city’s needs.

Promotional video for Hendricks Regional Health in Danville, Indiana


If there’s nothing really wrong with you and you’d just like to lose a few pounds or get those rock hard abs you’ve always wanted, Danville health has you covered too. Residents of this small Hoosier town can choose from two different fitness centers, each with their own approach to well being. Snap Fitness is geared for everyone from beginners to fitness gurus. At Snap Fitness, you can pay per session, allowing ultimate flexibility. Membership at Snap Fitness also includes a Fast Start Package, which includes a nutrition plan, a fitness assessment, an online trainer designed to track your workouts, and a workout plan tailored specifically to you.

Danville also has a branch of Curves, a popular gym designed exclusively for women. Offering a progressive approach to fitness, Curves is far more than just a gym. At this facility, the helpful staff will assist you with nutrition and proper lifestyle changes while you go through cardiovascular and aerobic exercises to strengthen the muscles you need the most. Curves is focused on making life long changes rather than temporary improvements.

And if these facilities aren’t enough to satisfy your inner health nut, the Circle City is just a few short miles away. Access the wide breadth of Indianapolis health clubs to train your way to Danville sports glory, visit any of the Clarian Health Partners hospitals to get a second opinion, or simply ride the Clarian People Mover just for the experience. Danville health can operate independently of Indianapolis, but it’s nice to have other options as well.

Hendricks Regional Health Danville
1000 E Main St
Danville, IN 46122
Radiology: 317.745.3425
Lab: 317.745.3430
Physical and Occupational Therapy: 317.745.3420

Snap Fitness
779 E Main St
Danville, IN 46122

Curves in Danville
170 Old Farm Rd
Danville, IN 46122
Fax: 317.745.3310