Danville Media: The Danville Republican and WEDJ 107.1

Danville, Indiana is a sleepy satellite community located about twenty miles west of state capital Indianapolis. It is a typical small Indiana community; family is the main focus of Danville events and Danville attractions, downtown Danville focuses on small Danville businesses and history rather than the glitz and glamor of downtown Indianapolis, and Danville children all go to one school per level in the Danville education system.

Since it is so small and so concentrated, there’s no need for dozens of Danville media outlets. Residents get most of their news and information about the outside world from Indianapolis media outlets; Indianapolis news, Indianapolis sports, and Indianapolis society are the types of culture that Danville residents rely on. However, this family oriented burg does have a few media outlets of its own, and these outlets retain Danville’s quaint atmosphere and quiet ideals.

The Danville Republican is the town’s local newspaper. Though not on a par with the Indianapolis Star, the Danville Republican is its own breed of paper. Instead of concerning itself with worldwide issues, this Danville media outlet does its best to serve local interest. Danville news, Danville sports, goings on with Danville business, doings at Danville High School, and other stories of interest to the average resident can all be found within the pages of the Danville Republican. In addition, the paper has a classifieds section and a comprehensive Danville events calendar so residents never miss a good deal or one of the fun things to do in Danville.

Danville also has a single radio station that broadcasts out of its town proper: WEDJ 107.1 FM. Though its offices are currently on North Meridian Street in Indianapolis, the tower is located in Danville, and the station used to have its headquarters within the town as well. Founded in 1975, WEDJ started life as WGRT. In its relatively long life span, WEDJ has been a classical station (Symphony 107), a smooth jazz station (Silk 107.1), and an “Active Rock” station (107.1, The Rock). During the late 90’s, it was an active competitor of Indianapolis’ WRZX 103.3 FM, or X103. Currently, however, WEDJ broadcasts as “Radio Latina” and plays Regional Mexican music, one of only two such stations in the metro Indianapolis area.

Though Danville media might not have too many outlets of its own, the ones that it does have keep the residents of this small town informed and entertained. The Danville Republican keeps Danville residents in the loop with local happenings and opinions, and WEDJ broadcasts its danceable sounds straight out of downtown Danville for all of Central Indiana to hear.

The Danville Republican
6 E Main St
Danville, IN 46122

WEDJ 107.1 FM
1800 N Meridian St, Ste 603
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Fax: 317.924.7766