Danville Shopping: Homemade Wares, Locally Owned Stores

The Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis is a popular destination for shoppers from Danville, IndianaDanville, Indiana is not really a hub for the latest fashions, gadgets, and trends. It’s a small satellite community just to the west of the bustling metropolis of Indianapolis, so if Danville shopping enthusiasts need an outlet, they head to one of the many Indianapolis shopping malls. Places like the Circle Centre Mall, the Fashion Mall at Keystone, and Glendale Mall are all excellent resources for people trying to find the perfect gift, coolest apparel, or most exciting toy.

Danville, however, is not without its own unique experience. You won’t find any massive mega malls in Danville; there’s no Best Buy, no Wal-Mart, very few large chain stores. No, this Indiana town is all about down home values, including hard work. As a result, most Danville businesses are small, locally owned shops that sell handmade, unique items to customers. A quick perusal through the Chamber of Commerce’s business directory will show you that this town is about the little person with passion for his or her product, not the enormous, autonomous corporation.

The Danville shopping experience is a very relaxing, personal one. If you take a stroll through downtown Danville, you’ll find all sorts of quaint little stores with helpful employees (most of whom are the owners themselves) and wares you won’t find anywhere else. Carla’s Creations and Gifts sells homemade fudge, baskets, balloons, and all sorts of delicious and festive goodies that Danville children and adults alike love. The Gallery on the Square is the perfect spot to buy Danville art, Danville Florist has very attractive sprays and bouquets, and Meazle’s Jewelry and Gifts has some excellent items for that special someone. These are just a few of the many independent stores you’ll find dotting Danville.

The bottom line is this: if you want all the latest goodies, head to an Indianapolis cultural district or an Indianapolis shopping mall. If you want flowers, cakes, jewelry, crafts, and anything else made with a personal touch, make a special trip to Danville. Danville shopping is a fantastic example of a successful, community run economy.

Carla’s Creations and Gifts
59 W Marion St
Danville, IN 46122

Gallery on the Square
51 S Washington St
Danville, IN 46122

Danville Florist
101 S Washington St
Danville, IN 46122

Meazle’s Jewelry and Gifts
220 E Main St
Danville, IN 46122