Danville Sports: Warriors on the Warpath

Being the small Indiana town that it is, Danville, Indiana is not the home of any major sports teams. There are no professional teams here, no minor league teams, and the town only sponsors one other league, an amateur softball league held in a Danville park. Luckily, however, Danville sports enthusiasts live just twenty miles away from one of the greatest sports communities in the world: Indianapolis.

Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis attracts Danville sports enthusiastsIndianapolis sports encompass just about every major physical competition known to man. Not only that, but most Indianapolis sports teams are excellent at what they do, be it hockey, football, basketball, soccer, or even curling. The Indianapolis Colts are routinely one of the best teams in the NFL, the Indiana Pacers are a venerable NBA franchise with a rich history and some great superstars, and the other Indianapolis teams are no less talented in their own ways. Danville residents are able to take a trip to Lucas Oil Stadium or Conseco Fieldhouse at a moment’s notice, because downtown Indianapolis is only a short drive away.

Danville High School mascot in Danville, IndianaHowever, professional tickets can be expensive and hard to come by. Not only that, but some people find it hard to root for a team whose players they don’t know personally. That’s why some of the biggest Danville events are games played by the Danville High School Warriors, the biggest factor in Danville sports. The Warriors compete in thirteen different sports in three different skill levels, including wrestling, track and field, cross country, volleyball, golf, and football. And, of course, this Danville school also competes in that favored Hoosier sport, basketball.

When it comes to basketball, the Danville High School Warriors have done quite well for themselves, especially the boys. In the 2008-2009 season, the team achieved a 17-5 record after victories over Avon, Monrovia, Plainfield, Lebanon, MooresvilleGreencastle, and Crawfordsville. Unfortunately, the team failed to qualify for the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) regionals competition after a close loss to North Montgomery in the sectional match. The girls fared slightly worse, earning a 10-11 record with victories over Brownsburg and Greencastle and losses to Zionsville and Frankfort.

For Danville sports enthusiasts, high school athletics are a main Danville attraction; Danville media and the town’s residents are fixated on the topic, and during each season the varying fortunes of each team is discussed in great detail. When you’re a small town close to one of the greatest sports cities in the United States, athletics are a pretty common currency.

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